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Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Gut-wrenching pain



These don’t even begin to describe what a victim to molestation of any sort feels.

Sexually harassing someone begins from touching someone inappropriately to the most heinous acts of them all – rape.

Behaviours, which may be considered to be insignificant by those performing them, like staring, affect people more than one can imagine. It's wrong to make someone so uncomfortable that they keep reminding themselves to forget about the situation.

The victims tend to blame themselves.

It’s violation of someone’s personal boundaries.

It’s painful to the body and mind.

A person has every single right to wear as they wish and to do, as they desire without fearing the consequences of living their lives the way they want to.

Playing the blame game is easy.

If a twenty three year old woman in the short red dress with a plunging neckline is dancing with her friends in a club and is demonstrating what you label as ‘provocative’ behavior, Why is the woman in a full sleeved kurta, who is seated silently on one corner of the bus, clearly not wanting to draw any kind of attention to herself also said to do the same?

If these contrasting characters aren’t enough, may I ask, why is an eight year old raped? Did the little child call you towards her? Invite you to steal her innocence, to destroy her life and scar her mind for eternity? 

Let me say, In that small box within your narrow mind, you have managed to contain a broad spectrum of women. Once you're done with killing them on the inside, you move on to the oustide, Thus setting off a chain reaction ending with the brutal killing of the humanity within us.

Obviously, in a small mind all the victims are on the wrong side of the tale. They do not have the permission to decide their path of life, to paint on the canvas of their story and to decide the terms and conditions of their existence.

Some will tell you their experience, some will prefer not to recall the trauma while some are so young that they didn’t even understand what they have gone through, they might be so young, so naïve, maybe even at an age where they’re unable to speak. They live a life that hasn’t been and never will be lived. They’ve lost their innocence before they had even grasped the edges of the theory in their little hands.

In the words of an idol to many, Kamla Bhasin “When I’m raped, people say that I have lost my honor. How did I lose my honor? My honor is not in my vagina. It is a patriarchal idea that my rape will defile the honor of my community. I’d like to ask everyone, why did you place you community’s honor in a woman’s vagina? We didn’t do that. It is the rapist who loses his honor. We don’t.”

Assault is not something easy to open up about and many members of the society are not helping those who wish to take action against the offenders. In fact all certain people are doing, is instilling fear in the minds of sufferers.

Fear of humiliation.

Fear of losing all that they have loved and strived for.

Fear of losing everything.

Sometimes, religion pushes it’s way into this already very major issue and brings about more reasons for one to lose faith in humanity.

Religion is an imagined reality.

Essentially, it doesn’t even exist.

It is something we created to maintain order.

Animals kill different species, humans are targeting their own.

We are fighting and killing each other over the correct way to bring about global peace.

Irony is heavy, too heavy for the fragile shoulders of the world.

Slippers are not permitted inside a temple but rape is.

Being an atheist is wrong but being a rapist isn’t.

Eating beef can get you killed but raping will not.

Religions aren’t bad. People are.

Religion was enough to make someone squeeze the life out a little child who didn’t know, who didn’t understand, who just wanted to spend some time in her favorite place, enjoy and grow up happily.

Her window of opportunity was sealed shut, locked and will soon be forgotten of.

The minds of the feared are a satire to the small ray of hope which managed to pass through this bolted window.

One has suffered, agitated us all yet again. She will go, leave our minds only to replaced by another, one who has gone through suffering of the most freaky kind known to us, one who has experienced this dark creativity even more.

The illusion of religion, the will to be the most supreme has strangled and hammered on the head (To ensure death) the benevolence in us.

Humanity will cease to exist whilst the natural selection of the inhumane will take place, creating a small community of the heartless, they will rise hand in hand till they have murdered the souls and shattered the minds of all the others. Then they will start to kill off each other, all wanting the world to themsleves.

We will be the cause for our own extinction.

Let the controversy begin.

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