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Rajya Sabha: Suspension Of 12 MPs For Unruly Behaviour

Vice President, Venkiah Naidu

On 29th November, Prahalad Joshi, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs read a list of 12 Members of Parliament from the opposition parties and further moved the motion seeking their suspension from the entire 255th Session of Rajya Sabha (Winter Session). Six members of the Indian National Congress (INC), two members from each Trinamool National Congress (TMC) and Shiv Sena, and one member from each Communist Party of India (CPI) and Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM) were suspended. The members were suspended for their unruly behaviour and as the minister quotes, they had indulged in ‘violation of procedure and conduct of the business of Rajya Sabha’. In 254th Session of the Rajya Sabha that was held in August this year saw the members of the opposition tearing up papers and creating ruckus in the parliament. Contrary to the claims of opposition stating their MPs were manhandled in the monsoon session, recordings of the session show that the MPs were jostling a marshal who was preventing them from doing further damage. Rajya Sabha Chairman, Venkaiah Naidu had asked the members of the parliament to draw lessons from the previous session and called it ‘a bitter and an unpleasant experience’. Furthermore, he asked the members to indulge in dialogue and debate rather than creating disruption. The opposition parties condemned the suspension of the members. On 30th November the leader of the opposition M. Mallikarjun Kharge appealed to the chair to reconsider and revoke the suspension. However, Naidu remained stern and stuck to his word by rejecting the plea and justified the suspension as ‘action taken to protect democracy’. This resulted in most opposition leaders hosting a staged walkout from the assembly. Later in the day, Piyush Goyal explained the suspension and answered some claims laid by the opposition party. He added that the suspended members should apologize to the chair and to the country. Rahul Gandhi tweeted in Hindi saying "Apology for what? Raising the issues for the people of the country in the parliament? Never." The suspended twelve members have decided to protest till the suspension is revoked. Recently, the Lok Sabha speaker, Om Birla was taking a stroll along with the Mongolian parliamentary delegation around the parliament he was greeted by the protesters. The politicians have used various terms for this suspension by calling it ‘unparliamentary’ and ‘authoritarian’ but when you are in a position as an elected member in the parliament and call yourself as the voice of the nation you must set an example and work with dignity.


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