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Russia and Ukraine: Here’s What We Know

Over the last week tensions have risen between Russia and Ukraine. While Vladimir Putin guarantees no harm to the civilians, his actions seem to contradict his words.

What happened so far?

On 24th February Russia deployed air, water, and land forces on Ukraine's capital city Kyiv. Several missiles, bombs, and military vehicles have been deployed into the country and have caused massive destruction in the country. The number of civilian casualties continue to increase as reports come in. It was initially reported that 57 civilians were killed and 169 injured. While most of the casualties were Ukrainian soldiers, there was at least one child and few civilians involved as well.

Ukrainian officials have said that the attack was from all directions and a threat has been looming around Kyiv with a population of 2.8 million.

Ukraine National Guard Soilders at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

What Happened Today?

As of today, the capital city remains unsafe as the bombings continue. Currently, there are 137 killed and 316 injured. The reports say that the Ukrainian troops have been engaging with the Russian troops outside of the city. There have been photographs that show buildings being destroyed by the airstrikes. As for Russia and their international relations, there have been discussions regarding cutting alliances with the country. The allies of the nation are concerned with the economic status and security threats of Russia, while others condemn the horrific actions that Putin decided to take.

While India and Russia share a tight economic bond, the two nations continue to remain on good terms as India signed a deal to import more than 60,000 rifles from Russia. Igor Polikha, the Ukrainian ambassador to India, has expressed disappointment in the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi for not taking a stand against the Russian leader.

The Possibilities of Tomorrow

There have been discussions of a potential "World War 3" which does not seem too impossible. While Putin's true intentions were not made public, he expressed his desire to demilitarize Ukraine. However, it seems that he wants to make sure that Ukraine doesn’t pose a future threat. One can only hope that there are no more casualties and the civilians' lives are not compromised.


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